Room 13


Some highlits from loss to libertation.A place filled by women.As visitors, driven to that space, occupaying it, being stuck and being caught.As an observer, forced and guided to serve.Waking up in this unkown place.A process of mourning.


Direction:Marie Gyselbrecht Creation and performance:Inma Asensio, Laia Duran, Roberto Gómez, Anna Hierro, Èlia López, Lorena Nogal and Marie Gyselbrecht**Marie Gyselbrecht will replace Inma Asension due to her pregnancy Music:Raphaëlle Latini Lighting:Guillem Gelabert Dramaturgy accompaniment:Jordi Oriol External looking:Clàudia Brufau, Gabriela Carrizo, Frank Chartier and Riikka Laasko


Marie Gyselbrecht

Marie Gyselbrecht (1983, Ghent) has been performing with Peeping Tom since 2008, company with which she has participated in productions such as MoederVader32 Rue Vandenbranden and A Louer. Marie started performing at a young age in Alain Platel and Arne Sierens’ Allemaal Indiaan. In 1997 one of her pieces was nominated for Best Belgian Dance Solo, an award organized by Victoria and Alain Platel.She graduated at Salzburg’s Experimental Academy of Dance in 2005, and in 2004 she cofounded the Belgian Collectiv.At. The first spectacle of the collective “Quien soy es” won the Best Young Artists in Spain Award. A part from dance, Marie has a keen interest in photography, contemporary art and in her solos she blends photography, installations and performance. Currently, she combines her career as a performer and yoga instructor and contemporary dance teacher in Belgium, as well as in other countries.