Room 444


AQUÍ (Here) is a piece devised as site-specific, a visceral interaction in an architectural space unfolding an animalistic dialogue. It is also a succession of scenes exploring the body as a container of emotional reverberation that oozes memories.Taking as a starting point the book of the same title ‘HERE’ by Richard McGuire, the places contextualize the scenes, which mutate highlighting the variety of languages of movement in each of the environments. Throughout the tour, the viewer can grab the subtle thematic echoes and visual rhymes that evolve across the succession of scenes.AQUÍ is an act of contemplation and an invitation to participate in the ever-changing and ephemeral nature that happens AQUÍ, here.


Idea and directionLorena Nogal Creation and interpretationRobert Gómez, Anna Hierro, Èlia López, Álvaro Esteban and Lorena Nogal Sound SpaceManuel Rodríguez Costume DesignSau-Ching Wong Co-productionDansa Metropolitana i HOTEL Col·lectiu Escènic With the collaborationRoca Umbert Fàbrica de Creació .


Lorena Nogal

Since 2008 she has been an active part of the artistic team of La Veronal working as a choreography assistant and dancer, in the company's own choreographies and in external creations.In 2016 she was awarded as best female performer by the Critics Awards of Catalonia. She also makes his own creations. His latest works have been ‘El elogio de la fisura’, a solo that premiered in 2021 and ‘ALEGORÍAS (El límite y sus mapas)’ a collaboration with the flamenco dancer Paula Comitre, pieces that are on tour.She also teaches courses related to the KOVA method, a language of movement that she has developed with La Veronal in recent years.