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The Cruel Lovers' Hell

"The hell of the cruel Lovers” is inspired in one of the main characters of the Decameron’s story, Nastagio degli Onesti, and more specifically in how Botticelli represented him in his famous four tables: with different temporalities merged in the same image.The Renaissance painter represented the story of the fifth day in Boccaccio’s Decameron eighth novel: "The hell of the cruel lovers". This narrates the amorous vicissitudes of Nastagio degli Onesti, a young man from Ravenna whose beloved does not love him back. Under a pine forest, he sees as a woman is persecuted by a horse rider who attacks her and kills her, but she rises immediately after and the infernal hunt is repeated endlessly. They are the ghosts imprisoned by a curse as an outcome of the girl’s rejection towards her suitor, who ends up committing suicide. Nastagio thinks that the apparition might come to be useful: he makes his disdainful beloved see the ghostly haunt and maker her surrender and marry him to form a happy marriage.


Director, script, post-production image and sound:Alejo Levis Director of Photography:Pau Català Camera Assistant:Paula Capdevila Production:Isabel Bassas and Anna Tabernero Assistant Director:Cintia Ballbé Styling:Alba Miquel Make-up:Sandra Martín Díaz Music:“Llac” by Ensemble Topogràfic Performers:Inma Asensio, Laia Duran, Roberto Gómez, Anna Hierro, Èlia López and Lorena Nogal Horses:Fede Valley-Barcelo, Ruth Aixemeni and Ahmed Kazan Duration:4 minuts   


Alejo Levis 

Filmmaker, advertising and fiction director, scriptwriter, playwright and theatre director. Co-screenwriter of the feature film "14 Days with Víctor”, Levis has also worked as a film editor for Eugenio Mira's "The Birthday". In the spring of 2014 he premiered "Everything seemed Perfect", his first feature film as director, selected among others, at Malaga Film Festival. His second feature film "I Never Want to Lose You" was released in June 2018 in Spain and won the special prize of the jury of the Catalan film Festival SOMCINEMA. For theatre he has written and directed "The Motionless Time" (the Dry), "LifeSpoiler" with Marc Angelet (Sala Flyhard), or "Immortal" with Bruno Oro (Club Capitol). His vast audiovisual work includes "Lunar Blood" by Xavier Albertí (National Dramatic Center), "The Biògraf" (Sala Beckett), "Voyager" by Marc Angelet (TNC), "Streptease" by Pere Faura or "Nit de Reis" by Pau Carrió (Grec 2017 and Teatre Lliure).